AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-06-25Fix makefile dist ruleHEADv0.3masterNick White
2010-06-25Prepare for v0.3Nick White
2010-06-25Updated docs to reflect state of projectNick White
2010-06-25Fix initialisation bug, clean MakefileNick White
2010-05-19Tweaked MakefileNick White
2010-05-19Switched to simpler build system, and fixed bugsNick White
2009-09-11Updated release preparation scriptv0.2Nick White
2009-09-11Update version number for 0.2Nick White
2009-09-11Updated RELEASING docNick White
2009-09-11Added more fun to TODONick White
2009-09-11Updated getht -h message to be closer to GNU standardsNick White
2009-03-05Add all warnings to buildsNick White
2009-03-05Use more autoconf variablesNick White
2009-03-05Use autoconf variables in codeNick White
2009-03-05Improved build scriptsNick White
2009-03-05Add item to TODONick White
2008-07-05Updated TODONick White
2008-07-05Close config files after useNick White
2008-07-05Don't create save directory until neededNick White
2008-07-02Updated release directory urlsNick White
2008-07-02Finally got git tags instructions rightNick White
2008-07-02Tiny alteration to releasing docNick White
2008-07-02Update to release procedurev0.1Nick White
2008-07-02Tiny cleanup to release prepare scriptNick White
2008-07-02Superficial documentation changesNick White
2008-07-02Improved RELEASING docNick White
2008-07-02More fixups for release scriptNick White
2008-07-02Fixed bug in package release scriptNick White
2008-07-02Removed done items from TODONick White
2008-07-02Changed version number in preparation for 0.1 releaseNick White
2008-07-01Added a TODO file to keep track of thingsNick White
2008-06-17Improved release procedure docs:Nick White
2008-06-17Improved error outputNick White
2008-06-17Moved prepare package script, added version info to release procNick White
2008-06-17Added doc on making a releaseNick White
2008-06-06Added section download supportNick White
2008-05-13Added quiet optionNick White
2008-05-09Improved list issue outputNick White
2008-05-08Switched to using config structure from global variablesNick White
2008-05-08Removed zlib dependancy which is no longer needed (as we no longer track medi...Nick White
2008-05-03Added .gitignore filesNick White
2008-05-03Removed redundant reference to media contents fileNick White
2008-05-03Corrected minor make errorNick White
2008-05-03Changed a couple of configuration variable namesNick White
2008-05-03Reverted from previous silly commitNick White
2008-05-03Removed extraneous xml string variableNick White
2008-05-02Fixed resume bug, improved download outputNick White
2008-05-01Removed mention of support tracker from docsNick White
2008-05-01Simplified proxy setting internalsNick White
2008-05-01Aesthetic: improved consistency of uri terminologyNick White