BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix makefile dist ruleNick White12 years
v0.3commit 217a33d780...Nick White12 years
v0.2commit 6cf58b4603...Nick White13 years
v0.1commit ad673840f8...Nick White14 years
v0.0.2commit 98478ba108...Nick White15 years
v0.0.1commit a9c2344aa2...Nick White16 years
master--base-0commit 877096c9f3...Nick White16 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2010-06-25Fix makefile dist ruleHEADv0.3masterNick White
2010-06-25Prepare for v0.3Nick White
2010-06-25Updated docs to reflect state of projectNick White
2010-06-25Fix initialisation bug, clean MakefileNick White
2010-05-19Tweaked MakefileNick White
2010-05-19Switched to simpler build system, and fixed bugsNick White
2009-09-11Updated release preparation scriptv0.2Nick White
2009-09-11Update version number for 0.2Nick White
2009-09-11Updated RELEASING docNick White
2009-09-11Added more fun to TODONick White