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Updated docs to reflect state of project
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GetHT - The Free Hinduism Today Digital Edition Downloader
+*** NOTE: GetHT is no longer very useful or maintained, as Hinduism ***
+*** Today now make all issues available directly from their website. ***
The nice people at Hinduism Today have recently begun freely distributing
their magazine in pdf format, so that anybody may read a copy for free.
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-use asciidoc for man / info pages
-improve the location of pdf downloads - no need to be compatible, & designed for human-filesystem use
-return error if issue / section number doesn't exist
-run through valgrind & splint
-rewrite memory handling
-allow multiple -d or -s at a time to download multiple sections. could use an array pointer to do it
-remember: most important thing is to have functional code first - can work on user-friendliness later
-make a git branch for it
-adapt loosely from gui branch (still local at present)
-have optional save to dir dialog
-don't have download status pop-up have a status/progress bar with each list item
-consider: replace packaging script with make dist rule, ala
-submit gentoo ebuild to bug tracker & link to it from getht's page
-create a debian/ubuntu deb - see &
-perhaps just use webspace rather than recipe tracker
-simplify install recipe
-add a recipe for uninstalling (i.e. if dir no longer exists, download SAME VERSION and follow 'til make install, where make uninstall is done instead, then delete dir)
-add a recipe for running from cron to automatically get new issues
-spreading the word:
-submit to the gnu directory
-submit to apps using curl?