gemrb-gameinstallersInstallers for GemRB gamesnjw6 years
gethtGetHT Hinduism Today downloader (mirror of savannah copy)njw8 years
getxbookA collection of tools to download books from websitesnjw3 years
njw-gentoo-localLocal Gentoo overlaynjw6 years
njw-websiteSource code for the websitenjw7 years
njw-website-sourceOld source code for the websitenjw8 years
oed2dictScripts to convert the Oxford English Dictionary into the jargon and DICT format...njw10 months
readability-simpleA simplified version of arc90's readability for local usenjw
simplyreadMakes webpages more readablenjw3 years
spoutA simple caveflying gamenjw7 years
tkreadA simple tcl/tk pagernjw3 years