BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate website addressNick White7 years
v0.8commit 92159f3825...Nick White11 years
v0.7commit 6e43fd7146...Nick White11 years
v0.6commit fc508b30be...Nick White11 years
v0.5commit 46b278a007...Nick White11 years
v0.4commit 7820c48e4b...Nick White12 years
v0.3commit d2d13536fe...Nick White12 years
v0.2commit c9bf375663...Nick White12 years
v0.1commit 31d523010d...Nick White12 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-03-04Update website addressHEADmasterNick White
2012-05-20Use rdf/xml for install manifestNick White
2012-02-19Improve documentation a littleNick White
2011-12-29Set extra bottom padding so page-down works as expected near bottom of pageNick White
2011-12-13Only show <title> if no leading <h1> (thanks cls)Nick White
2011-12-12Update web toolsNick White
2011-12-12Release 0.8v0.8Nick White
2011-12-12Add options to gecko browsersNick White
2011-12-12Change key binding to alt+rNick White
2011-12-11Update TODONick White