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njwMerged with latest upstreamNick White14 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  Nick White14 years
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2009-12-01Merged with latest upstream1.0.0.3-njwnjwNick White
2009-11-30- updated version number to build 3 as latest change includes performance enh...JJfutbol
2009-11-30git-svn-id: d4e419ec...JJfutbol
2009-11-30- updated svn:ignore propertyJJfutbol
2009-10-23Cleaned up output, formatted for easy includingNick White
2009-09-09added return false to email,print,reload toolbar linksJJfutbol
2009-08-13- fixed bug where reload link wasn't returning falseJJfutbol
2009-07-23git-svn-id: d4e419ec...JJfutbol
2009-07-21added score increment if word count is greater than 30 when parsing content, ...JJfutbol
2009-07-17git-svn-id: d4e419ec...JJfutbol