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2009-12-01Merged with latest upstream1.0.0.3-njwnjwNick White
2009-11-30- updated version number to build 3 as latest change includes performance enh...JJfutbol
2009-11-30git-svn-id: d4e419ec...JJfutbol
2009-11-30- updated svn:ignore propertyJJfutbol
2009-10-23Cleaned up output, formatted for easy includingNick White
2009-09-09added return false to email,print,reload toolbar linksJJfutbol
2009-08-13- fixed bug where reload link wasn't returning falseJJfutbol
2009-07-23git-svn-id: d4e419ec...JJfutbol
2009-07-21added score increment if word count is greater than 30 when parsing content, ...JJfutbol
2009-07-17git-svn-id: d4e419ec...JJfutbol
2009-07-14- updated removeStyles to remove element from parentJJfutbol
2009-07-11worked on the algorithm for removeNonContentElement, considering another way ...JJfutbol
2009-07-10added pre styles to both css filesJJfutbol
2009-07-09- updated css, deployed readability on had some changes not inc...JJfutbol
2009-07-08- updated readability start with new bookmarklet code, added commentsJJfutbol
2009-07-07- updated cancel email link to use domain, not davidh's siteJJfutbol
2009-07-06Removing extraneous files from trunkumbrae
2009-07-06git-svn-id: d4e419ec...JJfutbol
2009-07-06git-svn-id: d4e419ec...JJfutbol
2009-05-02Clearing footer - for example see
2009-04-20changed location from test to prod version of readability emaildavehauenstein
2009-04-20reply-to email header is now set to the user who sent the linkdavehauenstein
2009-04-20updated read tools html to be a little bit more semanticdavehauenstein
2009-04-20added transparency to the read tools so their less prominientdavehauenstein
2009-04-17added aditional files for spanish support, added redirect if coming from a sp...davehauenstein
2009-04-16added spanish translation, minor updates to email: link and title werent bein...davehauenstein
2009-04-15added toolbar; functionality includes refresh button to get back to original ...davehauenstein
2009-03-11Reverting custom tweaks made to my own instance that I accidentally committed...umbrae
2009-03-11Tweak to the regular expression to determine special classnames/id'sumbrae
2009-03-11Tweak to the regular expression to determine special classnames/id'sumbrae
2009-03-10Accidentally removed stylesheet code block. Readding.umbrae
2009-03-10Stop being a smartass about window content.umbrae
2009-03-10Committing broken code in case we ever need to come back to it.umbrae
2009-03-10Make sure we only initialize body's readability object once.umbrae
2009-03-10Footer tweaksumbrae
2009-03-10Readability footerumbrae
2009-03-10some footer tweaksumbrae
2009-03-10Some tweaks in case of epic fail.umbrae
2009-03-09Removing debug messages, formatting comments to standard, moving to readabili...umbrae
2009-03-09Some minor tweaks to not count empty paragraphs, and to allow tables if they ...umbrae
2009-03-07Bug fix. Kill breaks globally.umbrae
2009-03-07Kill extra break tags in the filtered HTML. #8umbrae
2009-03-07Remove any root styles from an elementumbrae
2009-03-07Fix for #12umbrae
2009-03-07Missed the global operator on stripping fontsumbrae
2009-03-07Changing the fitness algorith a bit to be a little smarter - taking into acco...umbrae
2009-03-05Making readability localizedumbrae
2009-03-05Removing google analytics script from index pagesumbrae
2009-03-05Adding the 0.1 source to trunkumbrae
2009-03-05Initial directory structure.(no author)