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2011-04-17switch to managing getgbook webpage in its repoNick White
2011-03-27Add getgbookNick White
2010-11-13Simplify homepage significantlyNick White
2010-10-25Add spout to software sectionNick White
2010-10-24Add readable to websiteNick White
2010-09-26Merge pubs and articles to writingNick White
2010-07-20First draft of unburn article, and article build infrastructureNick White
2010-07-03Switch to HTML5, and GPL throughoutNick White
2010-06-16Move publications to pubsNick White
2010-05-07Add some publicationsNick White
2010-04-11Another day, another serialisation: TurtleNick White
2010-04-09Switch to n3 for rss formatNick White
2010-04-07Initial commitNick White