AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-09-18Fix silly oopsHEADmasterNick White
2011-09-18Switch licenseNick White
2011-08-07Update software index, use htaccess to rewrite getgbook to getxbookNick White
2011-06-19Don't put abstracts in blockquote tagsNick White
2011-06-19Added explicit rdf links to essaysNick White
2011-04-17switch to managing getgbook webpage in its repoNick White
2011-03-27Add getgbookNick White
2011-03-27Add essay pdfsNick White
2011-01-25Add indexes to publicationsNick White
2011-01-24Finish unburn essayNick White
2010-11-16Add Umberto Eco quote to index pageNick White
2010-11-13Reword open source issuesNick White
2010-11-13Simplify homepage significantlyNick White
2010-11-13Rename readable to simplyreadNick White
2010-10-25Improve software wordingNick White
2010-10-25Add spout to software sectionNick White
2010-10-24Add readable to websiteNick White
2010-10-06Update employment detailsNick White
2010-09-26Note that I no longer work at SussexNick White
2010-09-26Sort academic articles by dateNick White
2010-09-26Merge pubs and articles to writingNick White
2010-09-14Use gnu sed syntax by default in bibtotxtNick White
2010-09-14Simplified and corrected sed commandsNick White
2010-09-14Stop relying on gnu extensions to lsNick White
2010-09-14Remove dates from essaysNick White
2010-09-14Simplify copyright descriptions in meta infoNick White
2010-08-11Improve sed in mutt autoencrypt scriptNick White
2010-08-08Set PHONYs in Makefile, and add test targetNick White
2010-08-07Reorganise software sectionNick White
2010-07-20First draft of unburn article, and article build infrastructureNick White
2010-07-20Updated software wordingNick White
2010-07-20Add publication details for copying articleNick White
2010-07-12Make css sanerNick White
2010-07-03Switch to HTML5, and GPL throughoutNick White
2010-06-16Rewrite software pageNick White
2010-06-16Simplify headersNick White
2010-06-16Move webdevelopment to webdevNick White
2010-06-16Move publications to pubsNick White
2010-05-18Centre pagesNick White
2010-05-18Improve head link tags, and add exciting new styleNick White
2010-05-18Improve publications wordingNick White
2010-05-15Switch to more appropriate GPLv3Nick White
2010-05-10Neatened copyright noticesNick White
2010-05-09Fixed mistyped linkNick White
2010-05-09Decrease width of documentsNick White
2010-05-09Separate screen-specific body style from restNick White
2010-05-07Improve printed outputNick White
2010-05-07Clean up makefileNick White
2010-05-07Be less stupid with bibtotxtNick White
2010-05-07Use correct rdf info for publicationsNick White