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Update software index, use htaccess to rewrite getgbook to getxbook
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+Redirect 301 /software/getgbook /software/getxbook
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@@ -5,63 +5,26 @@ I am very supportive of
[software freedom](;
ensuring everyone has freedom and control of their own computing, by
protecting the right to freely use, study, modify and share programs.
-One of the ways I support this goal is by working on free software,
-some of which may be found in my
-[public git repositories](
I reject the term 'open source,' which was created to
undermine the importance of freedom and collective welfare, and
recast free software as nothing more than an efficient mode of
production and profit.
+I work on a variety of free software projects, and maintain several
+of my own.
-A program to make webpages more readable. It removes everything but
-the article from a webpage, displaying it simply and attractively.
+## Projects
+* [SimplyRead](simplyread/) - A program to make webpages more readable.
+* [Getxbook](getxbook/) - A collection of tools to download books from
+ websites.
+* [Spout](spout/) - A simple caveflying game.
+* [GetHT]( - A program to download editions
+ of [Hinduism Today](
+* [GemRB game installers]( -
+ A set of scripts to install the games supported by
+ [GemRB](
-A set of scripts to automate downloading from Google Books.
-A simple caveflying game. The aim is to fly as high as possible,
-avoiding or destroying obstacles.
-A unix-like operating system that can be automatically optimized and
-customized for a variety of different applications or needs.
-My distribution of choice, within which
-[I am active](;emailassigned_to1=1&amp;emailreporter1=1&amp;emailcc1=1&amp;emailtype1=substring)
-in reporting and fixing bugs. I wrote the ebuild for the
-[icecat]( package and modified
-the kernel eclass to enable automatic deblobbing with
-[linux libre](
-I also maintain a
-[personal overlay](
-of some ebuilds I've built for it.
-An application for GNU/Linux to download the PDF editions of
-[Hinduism Today](
-[GemRB game installers](
-A set of scripts to install the games supported by
-[GemRB](, a reimplementation
-of the Infinity engine.
-A collection of small scripts and related miscellany which others may
-find useful.
+[Scripts](scripts/) - A collection of small scripts and related
+miscellany which others may find useful.