AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-04-17Move overridden die for patch to new general function: diesoftlyv0.1.1Nick White
2009-04-16Further totsc fixupsv0.1.0Nick White
2009-04-16Small fixes to totsc installerNick White
2009-04-16Tiny housekeepingNick White
2009-04-16Fixed bug detecting if there are any extras to installNick White
2009-04-16Make patch failure non-criticalNick White
2009-04-16Comment housekeepingNick White
2009-04-16Removed obselete copycdextras functionNick White
2009-04-16Normalised function styleNick White
2009-04-16Moved totsc scripts to correct locationNick White
2009-04-16Added autoinstaller menu to choose game manuallyNick White
2009-04-16Added autoinstaller menu to choose game manuallyNick White
2009-04-16Enable removal of failed installNick White
2009-04-16Removed obselete FULLGAMENAME refsNick White
2009-04-16Use scriptdir to allow running from anywhereNick White
2009-04-15Removed Qwinn's fix/mod packsNick White
2009-04-15Submitted patch to improve cfg handling to sf.netNick White
2009-04-15Normalised script descriptionsNick White
2009-04-15Ensure bash is always used to execute scriptsNick White
2009-04-15Added license notice to all filesNick White
2009-04-15Remove tweak which required exe patchingNick White
2009-04-15Removed obsolete totsc autoinstallerNick White
2009-04-15Add info on unrar version requiredNick White
2009-04-15Use direct download links for extra pst patchesNick White
2009-04-15Enabled getpatch to specify outfileNick White
2009-04-15Asked about repackaging pst modsNick White
2009-04-13Version control completeNick White
2009-04-13Initial importNick White