AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-06-02Set bash as required interpreterHEADmasterNick White
2012-06-02Ensure all scripts are executableNick White
2010-02-09Update TODONick White
2010-02-09Echo gamepath recommendation with everything elseNick White
2010-02-09Fix bug causing extra install content to not copy to correct directoriesNick White
2010-02-09Upgrade license to GPLv3+Nick White
2010-02-09Improve warning when removing windows filesNick White
2010-02-09Merged Nick Daly's workNick White
2010-02-09Use . rather than source to avoid bashismNick White
2010-02-07Added TOB and HOW patches.Nick Daly
2010-02-07Added TODO, installing expansions is irrelevant of full base install.Nick Daly
2010-02-07Registry commands now properly hide error messages.Nick Daly
2010-02-07Corrected query function after including POL broke it.Nick Daly
2010-02-02Installations are now saved in a simple registry.Nick Daly
2009-11-07Partially enabled PlayOnLinux.Nick Daly
2009-08-16Fixed variable typo and improved config recommendsNick White
2009-08-16Work around unshield bugNick White
2009-08-16Added skip cd autodetection optionNick White
2009-08-16Correct IWD detection furtherNick White
2009-08-16Renamed and reordered IWD installsNick White
2009-08-16Final correction to IWD2 detectionNick White
2009-08-16Fix IWD2 detectionNick White
2009-08-16Unquote variables intended to be separateNick White
2009-08-16Add game checking to auto installerNick White
2009-07-02Merge branch 'master' of Daly
2009-07-02recommendcfg works even when starting on a disc other than 1.Nick Daly
2009-07-02Completing the BG2-TOB installer.Nick Daly
2009-06-23pass unshield options before extract commandTasos Latsas
2009-06-23Icewind Dale 2 supportTasos Latsas
2009-06-23Sanitise copying furtherNick White
2009-06-07Corrected recommendcfg for games that require "cd#" directories.Nick Daly
2009-06-07BG2-SOA: Remove the register directory instead of copying it to ereg.Nick Daly
2009-06-07BG2-SOA installer working correctly now!Nick Daly
2009-06-07Disabled BG2-TOB-1CD, the installer isn't ready.Nick Daly
2009-06-07Fixing previous bad commit. Made copylower safer.Nick Daly
2009-06-06Installer doesn't crash when installing BG2-SOA.Nick Daly
2009-06-06Corrected TOB installer path and permissions.Nick Daly
2009-06-06Created and integrated teardown method.NickDaly
2009-06-06Finished BG2-SOA installers.NickDaly
2009-06-06Moved the list of games into an external file (includes/
2009-06-06Created BG2-SOA installer.nick
2009-06-04Make sure we don't remove <gamename>.iniNick White
2009-06-02Remove obselete patches referenced in autoinstallerNick White
2009-06-02Reverted to old method of copylowerNick White
2009-06-02Corrected baldurdash script locationNick White
2009-06-01Use move_and_remove everywhereNick White
2009-06-01Fixed baldurdash-text patch extractionNick White
2009-06-01Added more info to patches & improved url handlingNick White
2009-06-01Safely escaped more variablesNick White
2009-06-01minor fixes in auto installer and fixed the copylower function in generic inc...Tasos Latsas